Friday, 29 July 2011

Laser Hair Removal Prices in America 2011 | America Hair Removal Prices

    Laser hair removal standard prices in America 2011
We are providing you very common standard pricing information in the U.S for usually treated areas. You can guesstimate other areas based on the size. Keep in brain that these are just estimates based on customers reporting what they have paid for treatments on different forums. The price of laser hair removal depends on numerous causes together with the area to be treated, the amount of hair growth on the area, the figure of treatments needed, the kind of laser used, the individual medical doctor or practitioner, and your geographic site. Prices differ commonly from clinic to clinic. Some also propose discounts for paying up front for various treatments. Laser hair removal need a standard of four to six sessions for a final outcome that just about 80% hair lessening in the particular area.
Prices per 1 treatment 
Full face Costs:  $150 - 300
Upper lip Costs:  $50 - 150
Chin Costs:  $50 - 150
Underarms (both) Costs:  $50 - 150

Regular bikini Costs:  $100 - 200
Brazilian bikini Costs:  $200 - 300
Half legs (both) Costs:  $200 - 400
Half arms (both) Costs:  $200 - 400

Butt Costs:  $150 - 300
Back Costs:  $200 - 500
Chest Costs:  $100 - 300
Abdomen Costs:  $100 – 300

Costs per 1 treatment each region
Midwest Costs:  $500
East Costs:  $450
South Costs:  $300
West Costs:  $450
National Average Costs:  $350


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