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Hair Types | Tips for Types of Hair | best hair tips

                                                                Hair Types
Hair is made up of keratin, nails and the outer layer of our skin also made of keratin. Hair Shaft or stand is the part which is seen rising out of the skin. There are three layers in each. The cuticle which is said to be as outermost protective layer is thin and colorless. The middle layer is called Cortex and is thickest. It delivers strength and tells that whether your hairs are straight or curly.
There are three types of hair dry, oily and balanced or normal.
Dry Hair
Dry Hair
 Due to inactive oil glands hair goes dry. Dry hair is due to inactive oil glands. There are so many factors of dry hair like exposure to the sun or chemical treatment or using harsh shampoo.  Oil can not be able to flow on the surface due to accumulated oil which blocks the pores. This is also a common cause for dry hair. Dry hair is a type of hair and it needs very much nourishment.

There are so many dry hair tips to maintain good hair. Like, you can massage well once in a day with herbal oil. You can follow a diet rich in zinc. Use mild shampoo rather than using harsh ones which has chemicals and can damage hair and can strip hair of its outer protein layer. Also do beware from curlers and hair dryers. Dry hair is one of hair types.

Oily Hair
Oily hair
Oily Hair is generally accompanied with oily skin. This is because of the over emission of oil. The scalp and hair gets too oily. Oily hair can easily be recognized. Oily hair looks greasy and even after using shampoo and it also attract dirt after washing. Oily hair is one of type of hair types.

 There are so many oily hair tips to get good hair. The oily hair demands very much attention on it and it’s necessary to wash oily hair regularly and can also use leman on it.  You can use oils and shampoos in which neem and henna has lion’s share. A head massage with herbal oil can be cause to maintain the pH level of the scalp. Use oily foods in less quantity and make full use of green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Normal hair

Balanced or Normal Hair
Balanced or normal hairs are the most ideal hairs of all time for men and women both. This type of hair is shining, well balanced and does not dry out. It is also a hair type. To keep this ideal condition maintained, proper care is must.

Curly Hairs
Curly hair
I think anybody who has naturally curly hair will not deny it that curly hair is a mixed blessing. Sometimes we love our curly hair and other times we wish for making curly hair smooth and straight. Curly hair is also a hair type.


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Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing knowledge with us. This site is fantastic. I always find great knowledge from it.

Anonymous said...

My hair transplant surgery was ruined by Dr Nicholas Agnesi of Hairline Clinic in Akron and Independence Ohio. He disregarded my specific wishes, wiped the pattern that I drew off my head, and got the hairline all wrong. He also harvested the wrong hairs from the base of my skull.

The hairs he took don't grow well at all. They never have. He should have taken the hairs at least on inch higher. Everyone agreed that I had plenty of donor hair but Dr Agnesi didn't bother to take the best hairs. He just rushed through the job and took the wrong hairs at the base of my skull.

When I let Dr Agnesi know what he did wrong, he said that he might be willing to replace the bad hairs after I talk to the president of Hairline Clinic Rob Hoffman. It had to be his call. But when I talked to Rob Hoffman at the Akron location, he refused to even look at the bad work. He just pretended everything was fine and refused to do anything about it. No fix. No refund.

I knew those hairs would never grow well so I was left with no choice but to rip all those bad grafts out myself before they healed. It was a nightmare but I got it done. Now I'm out thousands of dollars and I have nothing to show for it but a bad memory and a nasty scar at the base of my skull.

Dr Agnesi also works for Advanced Hair Restoration of Ohio.

Now I'm talking to an attorney and trying to find a new HT doctor who will do what I wish and pay attention to detail.

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