Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Canada | Canada best Laser Hair Removal Clinics

                  Laser Hair Removal Clinics Calgary Canada

 Now you can book your first appointment for laser hair removal clinic in Canada in this cautious, home based atmosphere. With a gentle workplace and tranquil environment, your laser experience will be rapid and enjoyable. It is the best Laser Hair Removal in Canada.
Specialized in:  Laser Hair Removal
Contact:  Suzana Sostaric-Rutley
Email:  suzana@laserlady.ca
Phone:  (403) 226-5349

Specialized in:  Laser Hair Removal
Contact:  Shari Lalani
Address:  #5 215A 10th Street NW Calgary, Alberta
Phone:  (403) 270-8333

Sundrops Studios uses the Radiance LHE skin station which allows us to manage treatments for Acne approval, Psoriasis Care, Skin Rejuvenation, and Hair Removal. Combined energies of heat and light allocate the treatments to be professional and secure.
Specialized in:  Laser Hair Removal
Contact:  Laura Downing
Email:  info@sundrops.ca
Address:  638 - 11Avenue SW (entrance on 6th Street) Calgary, Alberta
Phone:  (403) 244-4447

            Laser Hair Removal Clinics Toronto Canada

BCE Place
Specialized in:  Canada Laser Hair Removal
Address:  181 Bay St, Ground Floor (BCE Place) Toronto, 0N M5J 2T3
Phone:  (866) 471-8871

Davisville & Yonge
Specialized in:   Canada Laser Hair Removal
Address:  1920 Yonge Street (Davisville & Yonge) Toronto, 0N M4S 1Z3
Phone:  (866) 471-8871

Queen Street West
Specialized in:  Laser Hair Removal Clinic Canada
Address:  395 Queen Street West Toronto, 0N M5V 2A5
Phone:  (866) 471-8871

Yonge & Lawrence
Specialized in:  Laser Hair Removal
Address:  3324 Yonge Street Yonge & Lawrence Toronto, 0N M4N 2M4
Phone:  (866) 471-8871

Yorkville & Hazelton Lanes
Specialized in:  Laser Hair Removal
Address:  87 Avenue Road, 2nd Level Yorkville & Hazelton Lanes Toronto, 0N M5R 1B8
Phone:  (866) 471-8871

                 Laser Hair Removal Clinics Montreal Canada

Laser Hair Removal Clinic
Clinic Details:  Laser Hair Removal Clinic
Specialized in:  Laser Hair Removal
Email:  info@permalaser.com
Address:  5845 Cote des Neiges Suite 460 Montreal Quebec, Canada H3S 1Z4
Phone:  514.731.1545

Dr. Gaston Dumais
Clinic Details:  Dr. Gaston Dumais
Specialized in:  Laser Hair Removal
Email:  info@dr-g-dumais.com
Address:  12245 Grenet St., Suite 112 Montreal, Quebec (Canada) H4J 2J6
Phone:  (514) 332-4545


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