Thursday, 15 September 2011

Manicure Tips | Ideas for Manicure | Girls Best Manicure at Home

Nowadays there are so many mistakes are made while carrying out manicure at home. So, Solutions Solver provides you some useful manicure tips and manicure ideas by which you can do your manicure at your home with saves and sounds.
Here are some manicure tips and some manicure ideas:
1. So many people cut their nails back and forth making use of an emery board and intensely cut the nails from the left and the right corner. BY doing this there are a number of chances that nails can be split or worn out. One should use the board from left to center by sawing back and forth a few times. Then move it from center towards right a few times. A metal file would be very effective for having right texture and smooth layer.
2. Cuticular part can not be ignored as it can be the cause of problems of hangnails. After taking bath also use oil on nails.
3. Now softly push the cuticles with a towel and remember don’t try to nip away at the cuticles, because it can be the cause of nail infections.
4. Nails should be laced first with a base coat before applying polish to the nails because if someone try to apply a coat of polish on the bare nails, they will dry away rapidly or the applied darker shades can also turn to yellowish.

5. After approximately every five days nail polish should be replaced because nails can be dehydrated due to too many coats of nail polish. So, that’s why top layer of nails should be removed. 


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