Friday, 16 September 2011

Tips for Pedicure | Girls Pedicure | Women Pedicure Ideas | Pedicure at Your Home

For Pedicure girls normally spend so many days to get the appointment of beauty therapist and even they waste their hours while sitting in salons for the purpose of pedicure to be done to them. Your Solution solver provides you the best ever tips for pedicure by which you can easily do your pedicure at your home and also you don’t need to waste your precious time while waiting for you turn to be done pedicure by therapist. Solution Solver provides you simple but very useful pedicure ideas and pedicure tips for women. Here a very easy and effective way in which you can do both manicure and pedicure at home all by yourself.

Girls Pedicure Tips and Ideas for Pedicure:
By following these given steps you can easily done your pedicure at your home.

    First add few drops of dettol or some different products in the warm water and then dip your feet in to the water.
    • By using stiff scrubber or a brush start scrubbing your toe nails. Pumice stone can also be used to rub out the hard dead skin or heals.
    • Massage with Foot creams which have cooling will be use useful for your feet. It will give pleasure feelings to you also care your feet. Don’t do massage in rush.
    • To apply cuticle cream on your cuticles after doing massage will give very much useful effect to you feet.
    • Now using stick dipped in cuticle remover, move back your cuticles softly
    •  Nails should be cut in straight line and after cutting should also smooth the edges of nail files.
    • Now you can easily apply nail polish to your nails after placing cotton wool pads under your nails. You can apply two coats of nail polish but have to wait for first one to dry for applying second coat.

    These are some use pedicure tips for girls. After taking these ideas for pedicure you can easily do your pedicure at your home.


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